We provide support for automated guided vehicle systems – individually and professionally.

For commissioning, maintenance, training, or complete project management including electrical design and software expertise: We are the experts for automated guided vehicle systems. Our unique selling point is independence from manufacturers and a focus on essentials. Our experts can plan, commission, and then maintain and support nearly any common system.

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All-in package for your AGV project

From writing requirements and functional specifications to service and maintenance of automated guided vehicle systems.

Our packages

We provide support from the consideration of an AGV purchase to routine service.

We have support packages for every phase of an AGV project. Each package describes a phase of an AGV project and includes the services that you need for that particular phase. Services include support for planning the system, selecting suppliers, project management, or possibly just facilitating service. Packages are designed to be modular, which means that you can book them independently of each other. You can decide for yourself which areas of the project we should support, and which parts you will cover yourself.

You can also choose different levels of support within a package. We offer two or three variants. All of them include a checklist to suit your needs, so that you can more easily monitor your project and be well prepared to start the next phase of the project.

We provide support in every phase of the project at the intensity level that you have selected, at exactly the point that you need us.

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Project support



Purchasing support

System installation



Service & maintenance

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Writing requirements and functional specifications

We provide support for bid invitations and project planning for your AGV system

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Installation and calibration of navigation markers

Professional and flexible, with our own measurement equipment

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Complete commissioning and site management

We provide support from initial commissioning through final acceptance.

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System operations and process monitoring

We provide a reliable assessment of the state of your system and provide support for operations and disposal.

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Maintenance and accident prevention testing (DGUV V3)

Reduce expensive repairs and ensure the capability and safety of your system over the long term.

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Service center and 24/7 hotline

Our AGV experts provide comprehensive support and are available when you want them.

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Documentation and translations

Documentation created specifically for each manufacturer and system

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Professional Trainings

Knowledge of every subject related to the AGV, directly from our experts

Your benefits

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Expertise independent of manufacturer

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Comprehensive service coverage

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Many years of expertise

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Service providers for manufacturers and end customers