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AGV system assembly & calibration of navigation features

Precise installation and careful measurement of the navigation features ensure the quality of the subsequent commissioning and offer you greater time and cost savings.

Our highly experienced fitters, who have already gained in-depth knowledge of the installation and measurement of navigation features worldwide, will take care of all the necessary steps for you.

A lot of well-known AGV suppliers have been relying on our competence and flexibility for years.

AGV system assembly

Our AGV experts professionally prepare everything for the commissioning of your AGV system. We mount and install navigation features for the AGV according to your wishes – whether magnets, reflectors or additional landmarks for building navigation.

Afterwards, you will either receive the pure raw data or we will insert it into the layout or driving course according to your specifications. This means that your or our commissioning engineers can start commissioning straight away.

ProLog Automation’s professional installation and measurement team has the necessary know-how and tools, such as the total station, which measures reflectors, magnets or wall features with millimetre precision.

Ziel der FTS Maßnahme

Aim of the measure

ProLog Automation carries out professional preparatory work on the AGV system for smooth commissioning.

Your advantages

No risk

Our installation and survey teams have years of experience in laying and measuring navigation features.

Save money

By specialising in specific AGV navigation features, our team works efficiently and with foresight.

Individual AGV system assembly

You did not find the right offer? Then please contact us. Our experts will calculate your model with you.

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