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You know: Efficient and automated processes in your company are necessary in order to operate profitably. Especially in companies that use intralogistics processes, this is the case today more than ever.

All too often, however, this does not go smoothly. And usually for the following reasons:

  • Staff shortage
  • Inefficient project management
  • Rising costs
  • Lack of automation knowledge

We want to counteract these problems for you. For your measurable increase in production with automated guided vehicles. Optimize your intralogistics!

At ProLog, we specialize in automated guided vehicles (AGVs). In line with Industry 4.0, we ensure that your intralogistics processes are more efficient. And we do this by planning, implementing and maintaining AGVs.

Here we show you everything that is included in our ProLog Automation service:

We offer services for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Project management

We help you save money in the planning and realisation of your AGV project and guarantee the security of a successful implementation.


Save money with a simulation as early as the planning phase and ensure efficient and well-functioning operation.

Assembly/ Calibration

Precise assembly and careful calibration of the navigation features ensure the quality of the subsequent commissioning.

Peripheral installation

Clean and punctual installation of the peripheral AGV equipment by experienced fitters.


A commissioning team with technical expertise ensures you a qualitatively successful commissioning.


We relieve you of the burden of looking after your customers or take over this completely for you.

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Markus Zipper

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The road to success - ProLog Automation and the future of automated guided vehicles

We, the team at ProLog Automation, are your experts in the field of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). In this informative video, our Managing Director Markus Zipper shares valuable insights and interesting facts about AGVs.

We would like to present a case study to you: the seamless connection of a new building with an existing building. Take a look at how ProLog Automation successfully solved this complex problem.

Thanks to our thorough AGV baseline checks, we were able to analyze the appropriate steps and develop tailor-made solutions for our customer.

If you are also looking for advice and expertise in the field of AGVs, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Your advantages with ProLog Automation:


Time efficiency

Cost efficiency

Error correction/error reduction

Manufacturer-independent know-how

All-round carefree package


These customers already rely on the services of ProLog Automation

Automated Guided Vehicles in medium-sized companies are our mission

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