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AGV simulation for manufacturers: focus on optimization and cost efficiency

Receive a transparent analysis of your existing AGV systems or new concepts. We ensure that your project is implemented optimally and cost-effectively.

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AGV system simulation for manufacturers

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With an AGV simulation, you can already save money in the planning phase of your AGV project. During subsequent commissioning, you will achieve process reliability and efficiency in all intralogistics processes.

The AGV simulation checks the feasibility of your AGV project in advance and uses the knowledge gained to identify any necessary optimisations at an early stage.

Our customers have been working successfully with ProLog Automation for many years and confirm our know-how and expertise.

AGV Simulation

Your added value with an AGV system:

Optimising costs
The potential for optimization is identified at an early stage through simulation. This helps to meet the time frame during commissioning.

Process reliability
The check of the charging strategy identifies optimizations of the battery charging stations in the correct number and position. It also identifies bottlenecks in the route.

A simulation helps to increase efficiency, as bottlenecks are identified in advance, ensuring fast and efficient commissioning.

Ziel der FTS Maßnahme

Aim of the measure

You receive a transparent analysis of existing AGV systems or new concepts. This ensures that your project is optimized and implemented cost-effectively.

Your advantages

No risk

AGV projects are already verified and optimised in the planning phase by means of a simulation - so-called "showstoppers" are eliminated during implementation

Save money

Planning errors, which can cause massive costs during commissioning, are detected and corrected at an early stage.

Understanding the plant

By simulating the system and testing different scenarios, an understanding of the AGV system can be created in the early planning phase.

Individual AGV simulation

Didn’t find the right offer for you? Feel free to contact us. Our experts will calculate your perfect AGV model.

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For AGV and AMR Manufacturers

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